Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions
Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions

Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions

Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions. Your lashes can be a game-changer in your appearance. Just a coat of mascara can really make your eyes pop and help you look put together.

You may have heard of lash extensions, but did you know there’s another option to get the lashes of your dreams? Instead of extensions, you can get an eyelash lift to achieve longer, healthier lashes.

Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions

What Is An Eyelash Lift?

The eyelash lift is a beauty treatment that takes advantage of your natural lashes to give you the perfect curl. This is done by using a chemical perming solution that is gentle on your lashes, making them appear longer with a more dramatic effect, especially on flat or straight eyelashes.

Eyelash lifts are semi-permanent, lasting for 6-8 weeks, and generally cost $65-100. They completely replace the need to use an eyelash curler each morning, and 24 hours after the treatment is done there isn’t any maintenance to keep your lashes looking flawless.

How Is The Eyelash Lift Done?

The entire process will take no longer than an hour, during which time you will keep your eyes closed for the majority of the treatment.

A silicone mold will be glued near your eyelid in order to reshape your lashes – but don’t worry, the glue is gentle and similar to false eyelash adhesive, so it won’t hurt at all! In fact, the entire treatment is painless and you may even find it relaxing enough to take a short nap.

The professional will start by discussing your desired outcome for your lashes and then help you select the right silicone mold to use. This silicone mold is what will give your

The next step after the mold is glued in place is to brush up your eyelashes and glue them to the mold so they will stay in place while the perm solution is applied. The perm solution is placed at the mid root area of your lashes to soften them so they can be reshaped into your desired curl.

After that solution has sat for about ten minutes, a setting solution will be applied to your lashes. This will help them re-harden and keep their new shape. The setting solution will also sit for about ten minutes.

Is Eyelash Lift Permanent?

Depending on the individual, eyelash lift treatments usually have to be redone every two months. Your lashes, similar to hair, go through growth cycles where new growth hasn’t been treated with the perming solution, resulting in less curled lashes over time.

If your lashes grow slowly, you may be able to enjoy more time before having to get another treatment; but if you want to keep them looking flawless, schedule an appointment every two months.

Benefits Of Eyelash Lift

Benefits of Getting an Eyelash Lift There are several benefits to getting an eyelash lift, and we’ve spelled them out for you. Here they are:

  • 1. An eyelash lift can help to give your eyes a more open and awake appearance.
  • 2. An eyelash lift can help to give your lashes a more curled and lifted appearance.
  • 3. An eyelash lift can help to give your lashes a more voluminous appearance.
  • 4. An eyelash lift is a low-maintenance way to achieve longer-looking lashes.
  • 5. An eyelash lift is a pain-free alternative to lash extensions or other lash treatments.

Eyelash lifts give your natural lashes an extra boost, making them look their absolute best with little to no maintenance.

All you have to do is keep them dry for the first 24 hours and avoid wearing any eye makeup. After that, you can enjoy 6-8 weeks of gorgeous lashes without having to curl them or apply mascara every day. Plus, your lifted eyelashes won’t smudge or smear if you accidentally rub your eyes or cry.

Are There Any Risks In Getting An Eyelash Lift?

There are some risks to consider before getting an eyelash lift, as they do use chemicals. People with certain medical eye conditions, who use eye medication, or are pregnant should not get an eyelash lift. There is also a small chance of having an allergic reaction to the chemicals used, but this is rare. If you are worried about a reaction or have sensitive skin, you can ask for a patch test.

Eyelash Lift Vs Lash Extensions

If you want to have great lashes, you may be wondering if you should get extensions or an eyelash lift. Both choices will give you voluminous lashes, but there are some key differences to be aware of before making a decision.

Eyelash extensions are more expensive and need to be touched up and redone more often than eyelash lifts. They also do more damage to your natural lashes and can leave them brittle, thin, and short. You’ll need to treat them with more caution.

Final Thoughts

Why struggle to get the lashes you want when you can simply get an eyelash lift? An eyelash lift is a great way to achieve the lashes of your dreams while still looking natural.

Unlike lash extensions, an eyelash lift is a much more affordable option that will save you time and money in the long run. So if you’re looking for a way to enhance your lashes without all the hassle, an eyelash lift is the way to go!


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