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DNA Lyrics

Dna Lyrics is English Song Wright? Ops its a Korean Song Which Released In DAM Studio in First Time in 2017 Most Famous Song lyrics Status of DNA Lyrics  Did you Watch Before 2021? Yes Amazing Song Lyrics Which Updates in Dnalyrics.com.

DNA Lyrics

Lyrics of DNA

You were there at first sight
I recognized you immediately as if you brought me together
The DNA in my blood vessels tells me that you are the one
I was looking for. Our meeting is the same as the formula of math,
religious law, cosmic destiny and a perfect universe.
From the day the universe was created Continue beyond
the infinite centuries (Keep going, Ya)
In the previous life (we also in the previous life)
Maybe in the next life Because we are together forever
DNA Because all this is not a coincidence (DNA)
DNA because they found their destiny
I want it this love (this love),
I want it real love (real love)
I only look at you Leads
me to work a little harder
Every time I see her,
I’m amazed It’s strange that my heart
keeps pounding for you ,
Because all of this is not a coincidence,
We are completely different baby,
Because they are the two who found their destiny,
From the day the universe was created.
We are completely different baby
DNA because they found their destiny
La la la la la La la la la La la la la
Because all of this is not a coincidence
La la la la la L
a la la la La la
la la La la la la.

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About DNALyrics

Lyrics Of DNA is The Most Popular English Lyrics Song This Song Release in 2017 in DAM By The Millions of Views Cross this Song On One day and Now 4years ofter People’s Still Love To Watch This Song in 2021 Here You Can Read Original Lyrics Official Song Of DNA Lyrics and that’s all about of DNA.

Faq QNA:

Q NO 1: What does DNA mean in Kendrick Lamar’s song?

Ans:  Music video for DNALyrics The scene takes place in a questioning room. There are two characters there, the first being the investigator. He threatens the suspect violently Kendrick Lamar Dna Lyrics.

QNo 2:  Who Made DnaLyrics?

Ans: Dna Song is Very old Song Which Made Kendrick Lamar His Fourth Stodio DAM in2017.

Q NO 3: Who Produced Dna Song?

Ans: Kendrick lamar Producer of this song and also song writer.

Q No 4: Who is The Most Beautiful in Bts?

Ans: In addition to being extremely popular and holding the title of world’s most handsome man, V, aka Kim Taichung, is one of the BTS DNA  members. It is due to his good looks, smart clothes, and an attitude that no one else has that he has become a crowd favorite

No 5: What is The Most Popular BTS Member?
Ans:  Putting things to rest, Jung kook is the most popular BTS Dna  member for the remainder of 2021. However, in terms of non-fans, V is the most captivating and famous member of BTS.

Q No 6: What does the word gene mean?

Ans: Genes are made up of DNA. Some genes act as instructions for creating molecules called proteins. However, many genes do not code for proteins. Alleles are forms of the same gene with variations in their sequence of DNA Lyrics bases.

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