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Kendrick Lamar lyrics

Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics, Kendrick Lamar is the best artist of American I want to share some about of Kendrick Lamar Kendrick he born June 17, 1987, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He’s regarded by many critics and contemporaries as among the most important and influential rappers of his generation, as well as one.

Kendrick Lamar lyrics 

Song Credits:-
Kendrick Lamar
Composer: BTS
Music: DAMN
Song Writer: Columbus Tower Smith

Released: April 2017

“Kendrick Lamar lyrics”

Give my narrative to the kids and a lesson that they can see
And I adore myself Satan want place me at a bow tie
He said I gotta catch up, life is much more than suicide)
I adore myself In my sleeve, Allow the runway begin
Or allow the paranoia irritate you (haunt you)?
The powerful in me, I smile
I adore myself
I went to war
He explained I gotta catch up, life is much more than suicide
I adore myself I dropped my mind
Dreams of the calmness
They beg na say it is a war out and a bomb at the road
You understand the unhappy do enjoy business
Finna run to a building, put my own body in the road
From a drawback and allowing them
And stone on the corner, and a lineup for your fiend What you gont do?
(what you really gon na do?)
Peace to style authorities, I put in my heart
Downdown valley deep (downdown valley profound )
Blow steam at the face of the monster Give me ’til the well runs dry.
Keep my cash in the ceiling, so let my mama know I am free
I adore myself
I adore myself
These times of frustration maintainy’on tuck and turning
Everybody lack assurance, everyone lack assurance
So I assure this How many times is your town which makes me promise?
(He said I gotta catch up, life is much more than suicide)
I adore myself But it may do what it wants whenever it wants,
” I do not mind
My heart is reversed (my heart is reversed )(I adore myself)
I adore myself I chased these chilly faces, place up fi-fie-fo-fum foundation
Having a automatic weapon, do not anyone call a medic Pray the holy water do not go rancid,
Just how many times my possible was anonymous?
I have been coping with depression ever as a teenager
Duckin’ another blessin’ I will not see the message
Plus it is evident I am moving in a meteor rate However, a enemy never drown me
The sky may fall, the end could shout now (However, it may do what it need whenever it needs, I do not mind)
And a jar filled with lean, and also a version on the spectacle, yup
(However, it may do what it need whenever it needs, I do not mind) I have to’ve misread what the Fantastic book said
What do you need from me along with my scars?
I adore myself
I adore myself
I adore myself
(I adore myself)
Oh woes retain me, it is a jungle interior (I adore myself)
I adore myself I’ve done been through a Great Deal
Facing a filthy double-mirror, they discovered me
The entire world is a ghetto with large guns and picket signs (However, it could do what it need whenever it needs, I do not mind)
(I adore myself) Along with the glory into the feeling of this sacred unseen I went to war Along with a gun at the hood, and a mob of authorities I’ ma take action’til I receive it

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